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 Admin Rules

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-nF. Lead Admin
-nF. Lead Admin

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PostSubject: Admin Rules   Sun Jan 29, 2012 1:14 pm

For all Admins this is your rules :

  • Do Not ban , kick , slap , slay , grab etc. With no reason the player will report and you might lose your admin

  • Do Not Abuse your powers

  • Do not use admin power on other admin.

  • Respect all players

  • Respect owners and leaders , and admins that has a higher level for you

  • If you saw a player tagging "-nF." change his/her nick by typing "amx_nick" and change his nick to : "Don't tag -nF."
    if he/she retagged "-nF." ban him/her for 60 minutes

  • Spec 5 rounds before kicking , slapping , slaying , banning

  • Do Not change map without a voting first (in that votation the map you are playing should be in).

  • Before Banning , Kicking Spec Him/Her 5 Rounds.

  • Do Not Keep Complaining About Your Admin Commands.

  • No hacking. Any kind of hacks will be tolerated, this will result in a permanent ban

  • Give always a warning if you wanna slap / slay / kick a player.

  • No advertising of any kind will be allowed. Only -nF. servers/forum IPs and link can be advertised. If caught advertising, your admin will be removed or suspended.

  • Be respectful, friendly and fair to all players on the server.

  • DO NOT unban a player that has been considered a "Hacker" or considered as permanently banned from -nF. Server

  • After banning someone you must always have some evidence to prove to us that he deserves to be banned.

  • DO NOT ban steam users without DEMO or you will be punished (Admin Remove)


Note : Any Admins Will Try To Make Something Illegal Will Lose His/Her Admin.
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Admin Rules
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