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 Some Screenshots From my pro days in cs:s

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PostSubject: Some Screenshots From my pro days in cs:s   Mon Feb 18, 2013 10:45 pm

Free For All DM:

Playoff Match from 2007:

Cevo Match from 2006:

Beating my old team Fizix in CAL:

CGS mr12 Beating Prime5 13-0:

Beating ballistics in the online qualifiers:

CAL Match CGS v.s. Adept:

Cevo Match MR12:

Cevo Match v.s. xtc MR12:

CAL Match v.s. HPS:

LAN Upper Bracket Finals in Wilmington, Mass:

Season Final Statistics by Chris:

Playoff Match v.s. iMpact:

de_rush beta Pre-Season Match:

LAN GXL Finals vs Veritas in Millville, NJ:

Alot more stuff just thought I would post some of the screens
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Some Screenshots From my pro days in cs:s
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