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 How To record a demo and View demo

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-nF. Lead Admin
-nF. Lead Admin

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PostSubject: How To record a demo and View demo   Sun Feb 05, 2012 10:36 am

Heiny's Demo Recording Guide

Demo's will record everything that you see in game (barring scoreboard), to
record some one else's view, you first need to be in spectator (by hitting
your team change key, and selecting spectator) or death view. Then, hit your
tilde key (~), located to the left of your numeral one (1) key to open
console*. From the console, enter the command "record <demoname>" and click
submit, or hit enter. When you are done recording, hit the (~) again, enter "stop"
and hit enter.

A useful tip is to use the filename as the person you are recording; for
example - record Heiny. This will allow you to more easily find the demo that
you have recorded, these demos are saved in to
your /Steam/SteamApps/"accountname"/counter-strike /cstrike/ folder.
If you have steamless, it will be in /installdirectory/CounterStrike1.6/cstrike.

Lastly, Upload the file to a common filehost like megaupload or mediafire


How to view demos

Place the .Dem file into your cstrike directory, and load up CS. Press the (~) and
enter "play filename.dem" and hit enter.

If you want to have slo-mo controls, use "viewdemo filename.dem"



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-nF. Lead Admin
-nF. Lead Admin

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PostSubject: Re   Thu Feb 09, 2012 9:05 am

Great post .. thanks
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How To record a demo and View demo
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